During the years of 2021-2022, founders Brad and Chelsea always had an on/off again dream to create and release their own line of clothing that can encompass the idea of multi-use athletic wear. 

Finally, in June of 2023, Brad simply said to Chelsea, "Why don't we actually do this?" and from that day, ONLYUP Clothing became a reality. 

After working at their full-time jobs, the couple would then spend each free moment they had to research, learn and build the brand from the ground up. Neither of them came from any business/fashion background, which only added to the drive to achieve their vision. 

ONLYUP Clothing is designed to be minimalistic, high-quality athleisure pieces with the main purpose to be worn in a gym/active setting, but also luxe enough to be worn in everyday life whether that be getting brunch with some friends, or even going out for a few drinks at the local pub. 

The brand is a physical representation that even though it can be a lot of hard work and sleepless nights to achieve your goals, you always have to remind yourself...

It's ONLYUP from here.